Pasteurized Products

Taprobane Seafood Group (TSG) also has the pleasure to present our premium Pasteurized crab meat, sourced exclusively by the TSG from the idyllic island of Sri Lanka: the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Pearl Island premium Pasteurized crab meat is on track to become Asia’s first sustainably sourced blue swimming crab product.

In 2009, Sri Lanka and the blue swimming crab fishery in the north of Sri Lanka emerged from almost 30 years of civil conflict. The TSG has worked hand in hand with local government authorities, research agencies and blue swimming crab fishing communities to ensure that Sri Lanka’s hitherto untouched blue swimming crab fishery is harvested sustainably. Sustainable fisheries strive to manage the resource, protect the environment and improve, as well as create new livelihoods. TSG’s commitment to sustainable fishing is supported by the National Fisheries Institute Crab Council.

TSG is the only company to have opened crab processing centres in the formerly conflict affected areas of northern Sri Lanka. The TSG has created more than 500 new jobs, in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation of the United Nations. New employment opportunities, mostly for women, generate daily income and help to rebuild shattered lives.

When you purchase TSG’s Pearl Island premium Pasteurised crab meat, you are driving the demand for sustainably sourced seafood. You are saying to us “pay your workers fairly and give a fair price to the fishermen”. You are saying to the fishermen “harvest your resources responsibly, now and for future generations”. The TSG is listening. Thank you for buying Pearl Island

For us Sustainability is about being involved in projects that ensure the sustainable management and utilization of the fishery resources, so as to create long term jobs and improve the livelihoods of the Sri Lanka and Maldivian people.

All our processing plants are rigorously audited by third party inspectors to ensure we can guarantee our buyers and consumers only the highest quality seafood products.

On behalf of our business partners, committed staff and loyal suppliers we thank you for taking the time to watch our short video and get a chance to learn more about our group of companies.