1st Ever SPF Vannamei Project in Sri Lanka

TSG being a 25million USD company with continuous steady growth is planning to venture into such a social empowerment, eco-friendly, sustainable aquaculture project with a timely vision for both local and global spheres by “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”. TSG business model can boost the Sri Lankan economy sustainably.

The newest venture of SPF Vannamei shrimp culture in Manner District is the best example, where by TSG has partnered with the Department of Fisheries and National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA) which will bring a sustainable development to the Northern Province while boosting the export market. This project consists of a state-of-the-art SPF broodstock hatchery and a model 360 pond sustainable farm using the latest technology which will pave way for 1 Billion USD industry while creating 140,000 employment opportunities by year 2020.

This project supports one worker and his dependent family to produce every 4 tons of shrimps for 1 year.  TSG’s marginalized volume production is approximately 1600 tons per year, which will nurse minimum 400 workers and their dependent families in a year. This is only for direct culturing of the SPF Vananmei shrimps, where for processing 1600 tons of shrimps per year, TSG supports further 250 female workers and their dependent families.

Furthermore, the environmental aspects are well taken care with the latest technology and expertise of the past experiences we have had from projects. And being a main exporter BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certification of TSG further strengthen and assures the sustainable stance of the new Vannamei farming project.

Hence more projects of TSG in the under developed Northern Province can support 650 families each, which can bring a great positive impact and nurse the wounds and scars of the war in local communities.  Awareness programmes in Manner District commenced by TSG in the beginning of the 2018 May, to the members of Fishing Cooperatives in the District educating about the new Vennamei species, their characteristics, process of farming, and its benefits for both farmer and the nation in total.  The series of programmes were a great success were the Vannamei Project was principally in agreement with the fishing cooperative members. 

It is evident that SPF Vannamei culture will be helpful in utilizing the salinized waste lands spew throughout Northern Province into a productive land which enhances and supports the economic status of local communities’ livelihood in a sustainable way without harming environment for generations to come. Moreover, it can bring an immense growth to the seafood export market which can benefit the nation, which presently suffers by having no sufficient supply for the global demand of shrimps.