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About Us

Who We Are

Taprobane Seafood is a leading seafood company in Sri Lanka. Established in 2010, the company has 16 processing facilities, employing over 2,000 direct employees throughout the North-Western and Northern Provinces. Taprobane Seafood Group, one of Sri Lanka’s largest and pioneering raw, processed and value-added seafood exports began its success story with the committed and visionary leadership of Timothy O’Reilly and Dilan Fernando.
Our uniqueness stems from the fact that all our employees who work in the processing plants in the North are women, some war widows, all of them realising that they are the breadwinners for their families. Our employees in the North, from the security guard to the manager to the supervisor and the employee are all women. Women who are passionate about the job they do and take pride in a job well done, every day.

Taprobane Seafood (PVT) Ltd.

Taprobane Seafood Private Limited is Sri Lanka’s leading seafood company was founded in 2011 by Mr Timothy O’ Reilly and Mr Dilan Fernando, whose shared vision for producing seafood of impeccable freshness and quality has helped it become a US$100 million dollar company.

TSG has fifteen state of the art processing facilities throughout north and north western province employing over 2,000 people. TSG has seen extraordinary growth, and winner of the highest foreign exchange earner 2014/2015 presidential export award. TSG is the first seafood processing factory in the Northern Province, and the pioneer in pasteurized crab meat processing. TSG produces pasteurized crab meat, frozen and fresh tuna, shrimps and various other products for some of the most iconic seafood brands in the USA, EU & Japan.

TSG is the first seafood Company in Sri Lanka to be FSSC 22000 certified, the highest certification for food standards. TSG is also a proud member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) which ensures and promotes the ethical conditions for workers through the implementation of codes labour practices based on national law and international labour standards. Whilst charging ahead in terms of quality and safety of its seafood, TSG has also been in the forefront of ethical labour practices in the industry. Over the last few years, it has paid a great deal of attention to the working and living standards, wellbeing and professional development of its employees, who hail from some of the most economically-disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka.

The company sees this commitment as more than just corporate social responsibility (CSR), but a way in which both employer and workers can mutually benefit from a system that incorporates fair and sustainable practices.

Our Vision
“To Be The Global Leader In Sustainable & Socially Responsible Seafood”
Our Mission
“Create A Premium Quality Seafood Products For Iconic Brands, Sourced Responsibly From Sustainable Managed (Sri Lankan) Fisheries”
Our Values

✔ High-Quality Standards

✔  Social Responsibility

✔   Sustainability

✔  Integrity  ✔ Success


Standards & Certifications

TSG is one of the only seafood company in Sri Lanka to have the FSSC 22000, the highest food safety standard. This certification covers the processing of pasteurized crab meat, frozen section crab, frozen shrimp, frozen squid, cuttlefish and frozen and fresh tuna.


Global Partners

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Our Achievements

Our company’s commitment to adding value through our products and our vision for the future has been recognized in every field. This recognition humbles us and motivates us to continue our journey of care.

Our Local Footprint

TSG has a strong presence in the crab belt of Sri Lanka which travels along the coastline situated within the north, encompassing the Jaffna peninsula and down towards Trincomalee. The Vannamei shrimp farms are located predominantly within the Mannar district and land in areas marked with an orange line have been identified as ideal due these belts having vast amounts of land with no alternate use. The area marked with a red dot shows a new hatcher y project done by the Government of Sri Lanka which is looking for PPP. TSG is hoping to secure this hatchery via bidding in order to fur there establish its shrimp footprint. The processing plants in Dankotuwa are strategically placed close to the Colombo por t to ensure ease of transport t as well as close to the Katunayake International Airport.